Thursday, July 13, 2006

A poem by Matt Cook

I love poetry about little moments. They present themselves at odd angles, juxtaposed just so, enabling us to see the instance in an entirely different way and new appreciation is born.

A Girl in Milwaukee and a Girl in Brooklyn

My wife is talking on the phone in Milwaukee
To her girlfriend in Brooklyn.
But, in the middle of all that, my wife has to go pee.
And it turns out that the girl in Brooklyn,
At the very same time, also has to go pee.
So they discuss this for a moment,
And they're both very intelligent people.
They decide to set their phones down and go to the bathroom
(This was back when people set their phones down).
So they do this, and now we have a live telephone line open
Between Milwaukee and Brooklyn
With no one speaking through it for about two minutes as
A girl in Milwaukee and a girl in Brooklyn go to the bathroom.


Peg said...

That made me laugh.....Where do you get these? Wonder what that month's phone bill was? Why do you not get more comments? I check this page every day to see what you have come up with next. Nice work, Reacher!

Anonymous said...

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