Friday, July 07, 2006

A poem by Jeffrey Harrison

Drift, float along with this poem by Jeffrey Harrison. It is a rich and wandering summation of where our minds can take us and take root if we will.

Green Canoe
I don't often get the chance any longer
to go out alone in the green canoe
and, lying in the bottom of the boat,
just drift where the breeze takes me,
down to the other end of the lake
or into some cove without my knowing
because I can't see anything over
the gunwales but sky as I lie there,
feeling the ribs of the boat as my own,
this floating pod with a body inside it...

also a mind, that drifts among clouds
and the sounds that carry over water—
a flutter of birdsong, a screen door
slamming shut-as well as the usual stuff
that clutters it, but slowed down, opened up,
like the fluff of milkweed tugged
from its husk and floating over the lake,
to be mistaken for mayflies at dusk
by feeding trout, or be carried away
to a place where the seeds might sprout.


Peg said...

Good work.....I would be afraid tho to lay in the bottom of a boat and just drift. I think you could experience the same thing he did by laying on a hilltop and just looking up at the sky with your ears open. Do you plan to get a green canoe and drift on your pond. That sounds a lot safer than on a lake.

reacher said...

Yes you can do pretty much the same thing on the hill. But if you were to write a poem I am not sure that your images would be so rich. You could name it, "Another Boring Poem From the Top of a Hill".

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